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This is my first blog and I am very happy to share my knowledge and thoughts about “Dream 11 Channel” with you. All are my personal experience during the lockdown. If you are big fan of sports and earn money by playing fantasy games, then this blog is for you. Read my blog to the end to know whole truth.

Lets start,

Before going into depth, first of all those who are new to this stuff i.e what is dream 11 and how to earn money thought it, etc.. lets discuss some basics.

According to me, Dream 11 is a platform where you can make your own fantasy team and join contests to win money.

Each matches has various contests. Contest are of mainly of 5 types: Grand league (GL), Small League (SL), Mini Small League, Mini Grand League, Practice matches. A user with highest Points wins the particular contests that he/she joins. A user can enter into a maximum of 500 contests (including both Public contests and Private contests) per match. 

If you know all about crickets, football, handball, etc then you can make your own fantasy team and if you are a noob like me, doesn,t know anything about players, sports, etc then you search for dream 11 channel in Telegram where you find lots of channel. And you join that channel in hope of winning lots of money. The instant you join the channel, you get trapped in a lust of winning money. And its very hard to stay away from it. I have started playing dream 11 during ipl 2020 and continued till feb to march beginning in hope of earning of money. Now, I have quit playing Dream11 and doing some productive works. I have wasted lot of time and money on making fantasy team on apps like Dream 11, MPL, jeet 11, etc.

There are 2 types of channel i.e, one is free public channel where you get free teams and other one is prime channel for which you have to pay money to get teams.

I recommends not to take any Prime membership, instead you can make your own teams ur play with free teams . In the beginning, i also have joined lots of channel and play with their teams but team performance is not so good. They provide only the most common teams. You can find it in any channel similar type of teams but some free channel gives really amazing teams for free.

I like to share a short story ur can say my experience regarding dream 11 prime channel.

One day, I am searching for dream 11 in facebook , and i find lots of group and i join all of them A-Z and seeing lots of posts of grand league winning ,this and that…people are sharing screenshot of winning lakhs nd crores. then i came across one member of that group providing prime team. I have contacted him for prime. They are showing screenshot of their teams winning in mini gl, sl, etc…. I am fascinated and taken their prime at Rs 1000 per month. That time i am very new to this things. They only gives 2 ur 3 teams only. I joined many contests with their teams but their team always comes in last winning rank ur sometimes out of winning zone. I get frustrated, then i join other channel prime membership at Rs 500 per month. They gives 11 GL Teams. There teams was good, average results. Main problems is that out of 11 teams, 6 teams comes in winning zone i.e, means in last winning rank zone and 4 teams out of the winning zone.

Overall, if I calculate the profits comes from their teams at month last, then the profit will be zero (0) , there is always some loss i.e, I have included prime membership fees + all joined contest fees.

Calculation: Money Invested – Money Earned = loss/Profit

My results = loss

Then, also i don,t giveup. I search for other channel, then i came across “Fantasy with Guru” channel something like that name. I joined their prime. They provides only SL teams in prime and sometimes Gl Teams also. Their teams are really good and awesome , I wins many contest with their teams and sometimes losses also have. Winning and lossing are a part a games. Nobody can wins all the times, if they claims to wins , then they are 100% fake. That times, I have felt that my investment not gone in vain. I can recover my loss in 1 month with their teams. But bhagwan ki kripa is wo bhi nhi hua, The owner of that channel sell their channel to other guy and the teams provided by the other owner is not very up to the expectation then same thing happen , lossing my money thenafter.

Then, also i don,t giveup , I am like trapped in somekind of lust i.e, always dreaming of somedays i also comes in 1st rank and wins lakhs. I have found another channel, there channel have lots of GL winning screenshot. and same away I have taken their prime also, that time something bad happen. I have given them money, they also provide their prime channel link, and i have joined it but soon they blocked me from prime channel, and removed me from their public channel, also Deleted all chats, blocked in Payment platforms. I have no away to contact them. I felt miserable that days, then i realise that prime channel are not good as they claim to be. Some are really fakes.

If anybody claims of winning Grand leagues always in every matches and showing lots of GL winnning screenshot , rank 1 ,etc etc… Don,t belive in them, nobody literally nobody can wins GL in every matches. They are 100% fake. They show fake and editted winning screenshots.

Don,t go for joining prime for GL Wins , instead focus on winning SL. Profits is more in SL than GL most people don,t know that. Also people are confused how to invest their money, which contest to join to get max profits, etc etc…. always join good and genuine teams provider channnel. They don,t show fake screenshots of winning lakhs of money instead they show winning small SL contests. I will give 2 channnel name, please checkout their channel, they provide good SL teams i.e, Teams for dreams 113 subscribers and G.S Expert (All Sports) 727 subscribers at the time of writing the blog.

I have lots to say about this topic but blog is getting too long . So , I hereby end this here. I will continue this in someday in the coming blog..

Hope you find it interesting!!

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