Truth about Dream 11 Telegram Channels Part 2

This is the second part of Dream 11 Channels. In the first part i have talked about fakes channel and prime membership lena chaye ki nhi, etc etc….In this part i am going to talk about how this channel earn money.

One is through Prime membership as you all know. Prime Membership price can range from Rs 500 to Rs 1000, 2000 ur 3000 max depending on channel popularity. Second, is through cross promotion you often see channel owner promote other channel links in their channel , saying join that join for free prime teams , blah-blah…. When you click that link , you come to another channel, you join that, there you also see channel links ,when you clink on it, you come back to your previous channels. Both the party promote each other channels. But how do they earn money through cross promotion , there is only exchange of subscriber. I will tell you how, see each subscriber that join the channel is not free. A channel owner has fixed rate of subs such as Rs 6 ur Rs 8 per subs join to another channel.

for example:- Suppose,My channel is new and I want to increase my subscriber in my channel so i contacted other channel admin which has 4 lakh subs. They will tells that” I have to give them Rs 8 for each subscriber that joined to my channel”. They also asked ” how many subs you wants?” If you want 100 subs. You have to pay Rs 800. That how promotion works.

Thirdly, Is through promotion advertisement on channel. Joining links of websites, apps, etc.

Some Channel even buy fake subs , bots from buyer to look their channel more authentic and popular. I will share some Dream 11 Channel name and links that i have joined, some are good and some are frauder. Some of the channel name you may know. Hope you will find it Interesting!!


Password: Dream11

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