Growing Trend of Reaction Channels in Youtube. Honest Talk!

What comes into your mind, when you see any reaction channels. You feels happy, excited to see other peoples reaction on that particular video ,how do they react to that awkward/naughty scenes or words specially if the reaction is of girls. You loves to see it. I also see reaction channels, not a big think. I suddenly realised that in lockdown, there is a sudden large increase in reaction channel in youtube than before. Maximum are of girls reaction channel, boys and man loves to see girls reaction on slang language ur some sexy scene comes in video. Jada tar toh mere ko lagta ha single launde hote ha mere tarah so reaction channel dekhte ha. There is a famous dialouge” Man will me man”. We are fulfilling that dialouge in reality.

Reaction channels are like a reviews channel which gives digital creator an overview, how there contents are perceived by the peoples across the world, which part of their content is good and funny, which part is hilarious, etc. Its gives feedback to the creator, Its motivate them to do more ,improve their contents, what new should be done in next video,etc etc…….

When I feel bored, doesn,t find anything interesting in youtube, I watch reaction channel i.e, now a days reaction on dank memes are spread over youtube like virus. Most people think that reaction channel steal views, and its a bad thing-something. But, that not true. I will tell you, reaction channel is a growing culture just like roasting. Roasting is also bad , but watch it and found it very entertaining. Just like that reaction channel ,people loves to watch it. Its not a crime to react on videos. And you know, everyone who puts contents on youtube wants to make money, for that views and subscriber are important. That the away, get it….

Also. reaction channel can help other less popular channels to grow i.e, increase their subscriber and views. You also see many foreigner are also reacting to indian created videos. It helps us to know, how foreigner looks at us, what they think, how would they react to other person video,etc , Also its help us to spread our culture throughout various part of the world.

Sometimes, reaction channel react on video, which we don,t know about that creator. We comes to know about that channels. Sometimes , notification won,t comes of new video, but we see in top of youtube, that some reaction channel has made reaction on that new video. So, I comes to know that a new video is out of that particular creator. Then, I see the original video, then i come to reaction video.

You can also make Reaction video. LOL

Thank You !

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