What is an Anime? and Why you should watch it?

Anime simply means animation that you all know very well but if you see, anime has a whole lot of meaning for an anime fans that you can,t simply puts in words. I am also an anime fans, I have started seeing anime in 2018 and still continuing till present.

If I simply put, anime has a top-notch storytelling of their character, each episodes/movies has very well-written dialouge ,how they present scene, dramas is away better than any hollywood, bollywood, tollywood movies or series, etc. You can say, anime arose a wave of emotion in you. You can very well relate animes with the reality though its an animation.

There is a misconception among indians that animes is cartoon ,and cartoon are seen by children only. Adults , teenager don,t see such cartoon. Its very childish. But, this is wrong. Anime and cartoon are totally two very different things. Saying anime is a cartoon is an insult. So, please don,t say such things.

In adult animes, there is real emotion, sentiment, good and bad, god and evil, strong and weak, real pain and hurt also magic, imagination…whereas in cartoon, when there is a fight among character, no serious injury can be found. You can beat, cut, fire the character, character then also still alive as nothing happens. For example- Tom and jerry, Chota bheem, etc…

In anime, even a simple introvert guy who doesn,t have any friends and girlfriend become a main Lead character. He also has a very interesting backstory and later he also get very beautiful cutes girls which i fell very jealous of which you find in the coming episodes. I have to say, Girls in animes are quite awesome, beautiful and cuter than real world girls. There attitude are very genuine and simple kinded which i liked most. They doesn,t want any cars, rich bunglows, money, etc. In most anime, you will find it.

There are various kinds of animes , you can see like Transfer to another world anime, Demon lord animes, Superpower animes, Highschool animes, love animes, and many more kind of. When you watch any anime, you get totally into it, got filled with various emotions and felling. It can make your boring days interesting, some animes you see a “never givin- up attitude”, which everyone should see and learn. In bad days of yours, never lose up hope, keep trying, surpass your limits, make a better version of yourself. Be happy and kind to other. Its will lead you to success one day.

If you are new, and wants to watch anime, I would suggest some of the anime below. Watch it. There are number of channel, you can search in youtube like muse asia, Anime Engsub, etc which shows animes shows. There are OTT platform where you can search also.

  1. Naruto
  2. Fairy Tail
  3. Black Clover
  4. My hero academia
  5. Flavour of Youth (International Version)
  6. Death Note
  7. The time I got reincarnated into slime
  8. many more……

You can find number of telegram channel on animes, You can join them. Anime fans are very supportive. They would suggest you lots of animes.

Thank You !

Hope you find it Interesting.

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