What do we need for a better future i.e better place?

The World is continuously progressing towards advancement in technology, infrastructure, Power sources, Lifestyles, way of living, etc by each passing year that leads to various challenges and problems arise in our days to days life. I am not gonna tell you a story ur tell you to do this and that. I just want you to see what is really important for a better world where everyone lives happily and peacefully.

Saving Wildlife and ocean life: As the population is growing very rapidly, the need of building new houses, hotels, highways, roads, beach resort, etc become necessary. This leads to rapid deforestation, cutting down trees, clearing forest lands i.e, as the human population increases, animal population decreases. The Human land increase is directly proportional to forest land decrease. Its affect the habitat of animals, affecting the climate, no pure natural fresh air to breathe, only building, cities, vehicle polution, garbage smell are there everywhere. Ocean life are also badly affecting by human activities like oil spill, industrial harmful chemical pollutants disperse in ocean, river,etc. There are as many harmful effects of human activites on environment are there , which is uncountable and the return consequences are also very harmful and dangerous to all humans and life forms which you cn search on net easily.

Taking care of your loved ones especially older peoples. Be generous to them, and show some empathy towards them. Don,t leaves your older parents in some old-age homes ur in footpaths. Spend some time with them listening to their stories, culture, etc. Besides in this busy and technologically advanced world, we don’t have time to meet people, loved ones, spend time with them, all are busy chatting and updating their status on social media, making tiktok, snapchat, Instagram reels to become famous. All are completely engaged/focus in mobiles, laptops, many technological items, and gadgets. They don,t even know ur observe, what is happening in their surroundings. They keep going on.. This is very sad. They don,t enjoy the real-life likes in the olden days, when there no such technology, people used to meets each other, playing sports days-nights, making drawing, creative self-made items whcih make them happy but now all are changes. This needed to change. Have some times for your loved ones, friends and for yourself also. You can also donate to old-age homes near you ur in your states. It helps them a lot.

Helps poor people living in footpath, streets, people selling in small telas, shops, selling items in streets, etc. Don,t bargain with them please, they doesn,t have needs like you do, they only need money for their family and survival in this world. Be kind to them, don,t insult ur judge them on the basis of their looks and status.

Stop cruelty towards animals i.e, dogs, cats, elephants, etc. Now a days, various cases of animal abuse are coming from different parts of country which is very heart-breaking and terrifying. Please stop this. They doesn,t have brain likes us, that can think, analyze the situation, make decision, etc but I think they are more intelligent and loyal ones than human. Actually, we humans are real wild animals that beats real animals to death for the fun, dares, etc. There is be a strict laws against this animal cruelty. I would suggest death to the person, if he/she beats animals to death. That, my frustated suggestion. Idiot people. Love animals ,they loves you and protect you.

Use renewables energy resources, environment-friendly. Besides, I noticed that nowadays lots of construction of new buildings are going on everywhere. New buildings mean, more electricity supply needed, more water supply is needed, etc. This leads to scarcity of water, electricity bills prices go up and downs, many more. Also, cities are getting hotter in the summer season, roads are burning like coals, sun rays reflecting from the buildings, making the environment temp rise-up. You can use 3 mantras to save the environment i.e, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Make your own way, that can help saves the environment, think some creatives ideas, make models, projects, devices, use rainwater harvesting in your home, plant trees in your home, locality, etc there are many ways are you can help.

Try to live a simple and happy life, don,t try to show-off your status, money to impress other people, pretending equal level standards, etc etc…Simple living is just a cooler way to live your life to the fullest. Just think of your childhood memories, Its doesn,t matter if you don,t have boyfriends ur girlfriends ur not married. Enjoy with your friends, go for adventures, visit different places, meets new people, eats delicious street foods, play sports, etc…

Thank You !

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