The Great Brain Drain in India. Does NRI become Non-Returning Indians?

In 1990, 7 million Indians live overseas and in 2020, 18 million Indians are living overseas. An increase of 145%, that a huge number. But, do you know, why people are leaving India and going overseas. Of course, you know but if you don,t know, I will tell you. There are many reasons why people are leaving India. Because of that, the full form of NRI changes from Non-Resident Indian to Non-Returning Indians.

The first reason, you can think of is “better opportunity” in foreign countries. It’s not just only in jobs but also in every sector such as internship offers, scholarships, access to public libraries, etc. Most of the toppers of CBSE, ICSE, IIT, NIT are moving outside Indian for better education, job opportunities. They think in foreigns, there are better facilities and system than in India which is true. In India, there is a common mentality among most Indians that if anyone has got good marks, good job opportunities in any company, there are many people around him/her that tries to demotivate them, being jealous, envy, anger, always trying to stop them for becoming successful, mocking them. I am not saying all are like that, but most of it you can find around you being jealous and saying trash behind you. There is very little guidance and helper for the people in India. They don,t get the right advice, what to do after this, how to tackle this problem, etc, etc… That why, most children in India suicide due to a lack of proper mentoring. In Foreigns, people are very helpful in nature, always support your talent and works, motivate you.

There is not much recognition of talents in India, suppose a good sports athlete coming from a small poor village represent India in the Olympics and brought gold medals, trophies for India. But as soon as the Olympics over, no one gives a shit about that athlete. He/She comes back to normal life harvesting crops, helping in-home chores, etc. We have lost many of the smart and genius talents due to negligence. According to reports, nearly 7,000 wealthy Indians left the country during 2019. This is a huge loss for the country. If they works for india, trying to improve in its sectors, it can bring a huge prospority, wealth and development to the country. But, that a dream, not going to happen.

There can be other reasons likes people of India are lazy, they just want money to fill their stomach. Poor and middle-class people suffer most, if you have a connection from the top, you can do anything, try to rape, threaten people, remove the people from the post which you do not like, rowdy behaviour, misuse law etc….other reasons can be the mentality of people, India is a culturally rich country, which we should proud of but that doesn,t mean wearing western dress, ripped jeans, etc is any threat to the Indian culture. People whose minds are unhealthy, dirty think of such a nuisance thing. Its a mentality of people that needed to be changed for the better. In foreign countries, you are free to wear any clothes you like, no one judge ur make any comments on you. People are very open-minded. Most of the rapes cases in india happen due to this unhealthy mentality of people. This needed to change.

Another reason is India laws which is somehow feel like a cage i.e, restricting people from doing things, protest, tweeting, commenting, speaking, etc. If anybody speaks ur tweet against govt, govt can remove people from social media, cutoff internet, file fir against the person for some shitty words, tweet, comments, etc. Nowadays, Indians get easily offended by small things such as any video on youtube, movies scene, words, commenting, tweeting, many more. No security for people is a major concern for the people leaving out India. In foreign, you feel like a free bird.

Through this blog, I just want to tell you, why people are leaving india, some of the reasons you already find through my blog, there are many other reasons. We as a indians needed to change our way of thinking, mentality, perception, be more helpful, sensible, create better job opportunities so that people don,t go outside India. That is also a dream. Lol…

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